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Lady Hopetoun

                        Wife to the First Governor General of Australia, Lord
                           Hopetoun (1889), Lady Hopetoun established the
                          Victorian   Ladies’ Work Association (1893-1907) to
                       unify working class women through needle and thread.

                             It was an organisation that enabled women to
                               work productively and contribute to their

                          Following the disbandment of the Victorian Ladies’
                          Work Association in 1907, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms
                           emerged amongst the tranquil beauty and refined
                                        elegance of the Block Arcade.

                          The crowning feature of the Hopetoun Tea Rooms is
                        undoubtedly the decorative mirror adorning the walls.
                           Manufactured in 1891, it remains the largest etched
                                mirror in the Southern Hemisphere, adding
                                   grandeur and depth to the Tea Rooms.
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