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High Tea

                           By reservation* - High Tea  is served on a 3 - tiered stand &
                           prepared fresh daily by our Chefs under the guidance of our
                           Head Chef - Harry Hajisava.


                           Individual Quiche Lorraine

                           Roast  Beef  Sandwiches  -  Premium  Roast  Beef  Sirloin  with  cheddar
                           cheese, pickled gherkin, horseradish mayonnaise & roquette on
                           dark rye

                           Hopetoun Tea Rooms - Pinwheels - Tomato, cucumber, Champagne-
                           ham, egg, grain mustard, mayonnaise on white & wholemeal

                           Classic Devilled Eggs on Croûte - Hard-boiled egg, whipped with
                           English mustard and mayonnaise

                           Vegetarian Quiche


                           An assortment of our Signature petit fours


                           A selection of fresh seasonal fruit & berries


                           Fresh  Baked  Scones  -  accompanied  with  Hanks  triple  berry  jam  &
                           double cream, choice of either tea, coffee, soft drink or fruit juice

                                                $65 per person, $75 Gluten Free
                                     We cater for Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Pescatarian

                            Reservation is only accepted once payment is received & confirmed

                                    *High Tea Reservations -

                                Gift Certificates -
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